Learn about our different packages, pricing and client expenses.


Our packages are based on the complexity and number of pages needed for the site. These prices do not include the cost of a domain and a subscription to the Webflow platform that will allow you to control and edit your site.

Each package has an assessment/deposit fee of $100 (included in final price) and for the Standard and Premium packages the price of the site will be determined after meeting and discussing the site’s needs. With each package you will get 1 large revision free, any other large revisions will be a $100 charge.

Basic Package

•  $500 CAD
1 Large Revision

Standard Package

•  $800 - $1200 CAD
1 Large Revision

Premium Package

• $1500 - $2000 CAD
1 Large Revision


If you already have a website that you’re not happy with we can help you re-design it.

Prices for re-design will vary depending on the amount of pages and complexity of your website. For a re-design we can use the current website builder that you use (eg. Square Space, Word Press etc.) for your convenience. There’s an assessment/deposit fee of $100 (included in the final price.)

Some Additional Costs

Why we use Webflow

We use Webflow because it allows full creativity when designing beautiful, fully responsive and accessible websites. Webflow also eliminates the need for multiple hosting services, making it simple for the client. After we leave you with your new website Webflow makes it easy for you, the client to update your site whenever you need.

Costs of Webflow

You will need a Webflow site plan, which costs about $20 CAD per month. This is not included in our pricing. During our first meeting we will walk you through the purchasing process and answer any questions you have about it.

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Domain Cost

You will also have to pay a yearly fee for a domain for your website. The cost of this depends on the name desired. You will not need to pay this fee if you already own a domain that you would like us to use. This is not included in our pricing.

Deposit Fee

We have a deposit fee to cover the cost of our designer creating multiple moodboards that the client can choose from. If you choose to proceed we will begin designing your website and the deposit will be included as part of the final price.